Been to Paris?

Been insulted by scornful cab drivers, grumpy bakers, conceited shop-assistants ? Been asked to speak a proper French before even daring to ask for directions? Been nonchalantly ignored for hours by some stuck-up restaurant waiter? Been treated like an ignorant dumbass just because you happen to enjoy Hollywood movies over the last hyped-up post-conceptual low-budget French production ?

Well, now, as an exclusive service by 'Say it From France', you can share a bit of France with friends and family without ever having to fly over!

In just a few clicks, we will send an authentic, handwritten, wine-stained, insulting postcard straight from Paris to the person of your choice!

And to make sure you get that "French Touch" right, we offer you free usage of our patented "French Style Insult Generator"!

Send REAL Postcards! $2.99!

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feel free to send ecards!
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